Most people say that Mondays are the worst day of the week. Maybe getting up in the morning and thinking “ Shoot! I have to go to work today.” is bad. But I have figured out something worse! Finding out you have no leftovers in the fridge! And that day seems to be most Tuesdays.

“When you are hungry and there’s no food in the kitchen the best thing to do is to eat outside food”. I for sure am grateful to whoever created that saying ( It might be me). But since this is about food let’s find out what is best.

Diversity of the Population

One of the best things about having a lot of people visit your country is that they bring their culture and unique food with them. India is blessed in that regard.

 The countless tourists from the United States of America, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Malaysia and China have influenced the culinary world of India a lot in the past few years that the number of joints that sell American delicacies such as burgers and pizzas and those that sell Chinese foods such as Noodles and Momos have increased by a multitude.  These influences have opened the palettes of Indians to try new and exciting flavours and to become a daredevil in the world of fine taste and dining.


The Trend of Fusion Cuisine

Another factor that adds to the treasure trove of flavours when trying new food is that people can mix and match different ingredients. Let’s get some clarity on that. Indian food such as Porotta and beef is traditionally made spicy. But the average American palette finds it hard to consume foods which is spicier than usual. 


The best way to combat this issue while still providing the Western world with the most that another country could offer would be to neutralise the spice by making the food more tolerable. Hence fusion helps us to cross barriers in this invisible war of flavours and the victory for ethnic foods sustain. 

The same holds true for cultural palettes that differ from the traditional Indian palette. Most nooks and crannies in Kerala nowadays offer the upcoming delicacy of Malayali college students, Kuzhi Mandhi. The perfect blend of Indian spices mixed with Arabian preparations that just flood your taste buds with a myriad of flavours that just leaves you wanting for more.

The Rise of Social Media

Eating food is not half as satisfying if you do not have pictures to show off the piece of art that you have consumed. Ordering something at a fancy restaurant that seems French with a hint of Moroccan accent that looks so fine that the phrase fine dining is more than justified is not worth the wait if you don’t whip out that high-end camera phone from your coat pocket and take a few pictures for Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. After all, the pleasure of letting your friends know that you are eating something much fancier than them is rewarding to the heart as eating food that looks like a painting from the 14th century and smells like heaven is, isn’t it?


The next time you order Thai food from your favourite place downtown or that Chinese palace across the street, think about all the fancy things you can do with that food. You can mix and match different dishes to create your own unique meal. You can also take pictures of your food and post them on social media to show off your culinary skills. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even try making your own Thai or Chinese food at home. There are endless possibilities when it comes to enjoying ethnic cuisine, so get creative and have fun!

In conclusion, the rise of ethnic food has a lot of contributing factors to it such as the influence of social media, the diversity that adds more culture to the culinary world and fusion cuisine which makes food much better for a large number of people across the globe.