10 apps that make life in UAE easy


Life in the UAE can look like many things. It can be spending days at the beach, indulging in the best food, or going to one of the many malls for the best possible shopping experience. No matter how your day goes, you should download these UAE apps to make things a little bit safer and easier.

Here, I reveal the top applications that every Dubai resident ought to install on their home screens. These are the UAE applications you must download right now, for everything from travel and music to shopping and beauty.



Careem is an “everything app” and is one of those inventions that begs the question, “What can’t it do?” It provides services like  meal delivery, transportation, and a digital wallet. Its transportation services provide more than ten choices, ranging from reasonably priced HALA taxis to luxurious Premier rides, as well as options like Hala Kids and 10-hour personal drivers. You can even order concert tickets and sort your clothes or settle your debts while enjoying your favourite takeout meal which you did order through Careem as well!



With 90% of its population being foreigners, the UAE is aware of how important communication is. Free and secure calls to loved ones both domestically and overseas are available with the BOTIM app. In particular, it provides free voice and text messaging in addition to smooth video chats. With just a phone and with WiFi or data staying connected has been made simple and cost-free.



Dubbed  as the “Craigslist of the UAE,” Dubizzle makes it easy for new residents of Dubai to browse through available apartments. Everything from flats and rooms for rent to used automobiles, villas, and apartments for sale can be found on Dubizzle. Also, its huge Classifieds area offers almost anything you might possibly want or need to buy or sell.

Looking for a career change? Do not fret as in addition to pursuing up-to-date job postings, Dubizzle’s Jobs section offers enlightening, educational articles to assist you in planning your next career step.



Deliveroo stands out among meal delivery apps in  UAE for a good reason. It is famous for its wide range of options and quick customer service. They collaborate with the top-rated local stores and restaurants to meet all of your food-related requirements without compromising on quality. They provide a wide variety of cuisines, from your favourite fast food franchises to artisanal international restaurants, beloved local desserts, and even reliable supermarket selections, all with daily discounts and specials.

5.The Entertainer


Eating well and having fun can get pricey, but The Entertainer is a money- and life-saving software that you should download because of its subscription-based model. Three membership packages are available, ranging from dining and leisure to beauty and exercise. With monthly rates of 495 Dirhams, you may enjoy more than 9,000 choices all throughout the UAE. With The Entertainer app, you can do more around town and save money on everything from yacht rentals to having a drink with your friends.

6.RTA Dubai APP


The RTA Dubai App makes your transportation needs more seamless. More than 40 services are available on the RTA app to handle the tiresome tasks associated with driving around your city. This UAE app is an all-in-one spot to cross tasks off your to-do list, from topping off your parking meter or Nol card to renewing your licence. It even provides you with information on traffic, parking availability, the timetable for the metro and buses, and a lot more. With the RTA Dubai app, you can finally say goodbye to the days of waiting in long lines for car services.



People like me who are too lazy to wash their own laundry will find Washmen to be a pretty useful app. A simple tap will bring a  friendly Washmen driver  to your house to pick up your clothes (in one of their own bags).You also specify when you want your laundry returned. When it is returned it is perfectly clean, pressed, and wrapped.



The InstaShop app is the most popular grocery delivery service in the UAE just like it is internationally loved. You can have all of your weekly grocery needs delivered straight to your house in as little as thirty minutes. You have a wide variety of home grocery brands ranging from Waitrose, Carrefour and Spinneys to Choithrams. Furthermore, Instashop has got you covered if you’re looking for unique items, such as meats from an Italian butcher or pastries from a french chef. With its abundance of pet stores, flower shops, and well-known bakeries, this app is surely a must have .



JustLife takes care of all your house-related needs, bringing comfort right to your doorstep. You can use this app to find the most affordable and trustworthy solutions for cleaning your home on a regular basis or occasional full deep clean.  They have top-rated professionals with same-day availability for the best home upkeep, and there’s everything from sofa cleaning packages to comprehensive bathroom cleaning services to leave each corner of your home in pristine condition.

10.Noon and Namshi


You can trust Namshi with everything beauty and fashion related. With Namshi you can browse and order women’s, men’s, or children’s clothing and beauty products for same-day delivery.

Noon can be used to shop for a wide variety of products ranging from watches, fashion, electronics, furniture and sports equipment to home office products, kitchen appliances and much more all with free shipping.