Sustainable beauty: A better future for the planet and your skin


The beauty industry has long been notoriously known for its impact on the planet. This industry has severely wrecked havoc on the planet for the several years with practises like using non recycled plastic containers to products with ingredients that severely affect marine life, testing products on animals, and using non-recyclable packaging.This industry is also one of the biggest contributors to the rising levels of global warming and climate change. Studies have revealed that a majority of beauty products contribute to Carbon dioxide emissions. Today the beauty industry is being shaped by a rising young consumer demographic that prioritises one of the most important aspects that will ensure our planet’s well-being – sustainability.

What is Sustainable Beauty and Why is it important?

Simply put, sustainable beauty is a broad term that includes a variety of practices that aim to reduce the environmental impact of the beauty industry. This can include using natural ingredients, packaging in sustainable materials, and producing products in an environmentally responsible way. While these are important, true sustainability is also about recycling or repurposing the containers, even if they are made of plastic, using eco-friendly materials whenever possible, formulating products with ingredients of natural origin, and doing your part in giving back to the planet and to the society.

There are many reasons why sustainable beauty is important. First and foremost it helps to protect the environment. But the advantages of sustainable beauty extend to more than just protecting the environment. Many of the ingredients used in traditional beauty products are harmful to both you and the  environment. Sustainable beauty products, on the other hand, are made with natural ingredients that are safe for you as well as the environment. Embracing sustainability in the beauty industry also promotes ethical values. It advocates for fair labour practices, protection of animals and transparency in ingredient sourcing, ensuring that the products we use do not harm the environment or exploit vulnerable communities. 

What can I do? 

Every step forward is a foot in the right direction. There are many things you can do to make your beauty routine more sustainable. Here are a few tips:

  • Do I need all this ?

The first step towards sustainability is reducing your consumption. Next time you add something to your cart ask yourselves: “Do I need all this”. As you use more and  more beauty products you indirectly create more waste with respect to packaging and transportation. You can opt for multi-functional products that serve multiple purposes, reducing the number of products you consume and hence  minimising waste. Use a tint for the lips, cheeks and eyes or a tightlining tool with a mascara, eyeliner and lash primer all in one.

  • Reuse and Recycle

Get creative, use empty bottles to hold brushes or flowers, use spoilt old clothes as rags for cleaning. You can also try to reuse beauty products, such as makeup brushes and cotton pads. You can also recycle beauty packaging, such as plastic bottles and tubes.

Look out for products that don’t need any discarding at all, like shampoo and soap bars. Many companies offer products which do not have to be discarded at all. Here, the packaging and the containers can always be reused.

  • Supporting Sustainable Endeavors 

Many E-commerce and retail stores have introduced practices and policies that help towards achieving a sustainable environment. Look out for brands that do not use plastic packaging for delivery and/or use electric vehicles for transportation and delivery. 

Try to purchase from shops that have a recycling policy. These days many shops offer you the service of sending back your empty containers. These containers are then recycled or upcycled. Choose products that have a Refillables policy, that is some brands provide refill pouches for their shampoo, conditioner and hair mask that use at least 80% less plastic per ml compared to a plastic shampoo bottle.

  • Shop Locally

Packaging consumes significant amount of plastic. This includes the  shipping container, labels, tape and packing paper. There is also the additional fossil fuels burned in transportation. So instead of ordering everything online, take a visit to your local store. Look for stores with a refill and recycle program where you could take your old container or drop off your empty ones to get them recycled and receive credits for your action.

Some products to keep an eye out for 

Tata Harper Water – Lock Moisturizer Refill Pod 

“Run out. Refill. Reuse.” This Tata Harper recyclable refill pod locks into a refillable Water-Lock Moisturizer jar. It’s a lightweight, silicone-free dehydrator, which primes and smoothes the skin with orange peptides, pomegranate spheres and hyaluronic acid.


GUCCI The Alchemist’s Garden Where My Heart Beats unisex eau de parfum  

Gucci’s latest fine fragrance offering, The Alchemist’s Garden Where My Heart Beats, isn’t just a breathtaking composition of green violet leaves and rosy peonies, it also marks the brand’s first perfume that uses alcohol made through 100 percent recycled carbon emissions done via Gucci’s innovative partner, LanzaTech.


Sangre De Fruta Garden of Earthly Delights Shampoo and Conditioner 

Goop-approved and made in small batches from organic botanicals, Sangre de Fruta offers refill pouches for each of its scents, which also come in the form of body wash and hand and body lotion to make sure that you can reuse the packaged pumps again and again. Essential oil distilled from off-cuts of cedar greens are used in their Garden of Earthly Delights blend. 


La Bouche Rouge Paris La Lumière Highlighter Stick

The latest launch for the French clean beauty brand is this refillable highlighter that offers a silicone-free formula that can be used on its own or dropped into one of the brand’s signature vegan leather cases. With a mission to avoid microplastics, even  their growth-stimulating mascara is packaged in glass.  


Augustinus Bader The Eye Cream Refill

Housed in a 100% recyclable tube, Augustinus Bader’s eye cream, rich in vitamin C and niacinamide, is created with sustainably sourced botanicals and bio-engineered actives. Even the recyclable box is made from renewable plant fibres. Pop it in its ceramic base, or simply carry it on its own for a truly minimalistic beauty approach.


Some final thoughts

Significant improvements are being made in the beauty industry as a result of the rise of sustainable beauty, which represents growing concern for the environment and a commitment to ethical business practices. Embracing sustainable beauty practices enables us to make thoughtful choices that benefit our own wellbeing while protecting the environment and supporting ethical businesses. We can contribute to developing a community that is more visually appealing and compassionate by integrating sustainable beauty into our everyday routines and choosing products that fit with our beliefs.